Denise Coats - Fundraiser


Denise Coats - Fundraiser


What if you were living on borrowed time?

            Denise Coats is fighting for her life. In 2014, she underwent gall bladder surgery. The surgery caused an infection that damaged her hepatic artery and bile ducts, and eventually caused the artery to die in January 2019. She has suffered from liver infections that have resulted in several blood infections that required lengthy hospital stays for treatment. To prevent future liver infections, Denise had to have j-tubes inserted to allow bile to escape. These tubes are painful and take a toll on her quality of life. Doctors say a liver transplant is critical to her survival.

            During such a challenging time, Denise is thankful for her seven siblings, her family and friends. She wishes they didn’t have to be so concerned about her health, but she is grateful for their love and support. Before her health began to decline, Denise enjoyed going to the movies, going to church on Sundays, spending time with family, cooking and babysitting for friends, but these days, her activities are quite limited. Denise is looking forward to being pain free, watching a movie at the theatre, and resuming her active lifestyle.  More than anything, she looks forward to the transplant that will allow her to live life with as few limitations as possible, but right now, she needs your help.

Unfortunately, Denise’s hope for a new life comes at a very high price.

The average liver transplant costs approximately $812,000. And that’s only the beginning. Even with insurance, which will cover a portion of the transplant costs, she still faces significant expenses related to the surgery. For the rest of her life, she will need follow-up care and daily anti-rejection medications, which are as critical to her survival as the transplant itself.

When she receives her transplant, Denise must temporarily relocate three hours from her home to be near the hospital during the recovery process, incurring substantial expenses for travel, food and lodging. Because of her declining health, she had to stop working, adding to the financial strain.

What if your life depended on the compassion and generosity of others?

The National Foundation for Transplants (NFT) is working with volunteers and supporters to help relieve Denise’s growing burden of expenses. NFT has been assisting transplant patients with fundraising support for more than 30 years. Your gift of any amount will enable NFT to provide Denise with the financial support she desperately needs.

You can help by visiting to make a tax-deductible donation to NFT to help with her expenses.

If you have any questions about NFT, feel free to contact the staff at 800-489-3863.

Many Thanks!


TEAM1200 at the 1200 Church is sponsoring “A Musical Night of Hope,” a concert to benefit our sister Denise Coats who is in need of a liver transplant.  All moneies donated, including the cost of the tickets, goes to the National Foundation for Transplants in honor of Denise. This is tax deductible. Please join us on March 1 at 4:00 PM as we support Denise in her transplant journey. Tickets can be purchased online at Hope to see you there!


Make it a family night, no cooking, no dishes, just enjoy the night together!

47% of proceeds goes to Denise Coats fundraising efforts. 

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Last Day to Order October 25, 2019